Saturday, September 10, 2011

Summerbreak in Corsica (GR20)

During the hot summer in Andalucia there are always ways to escape the tremendous heat. The month of august is the worst of them all. +40 Degrees makes it nearly impossible to walk around, even in the high mountains.

The GR20 in corsica is such a welcome escape! Its rated unter the TOP 10 of the world most diverse and beautiful long distance trails in the world and is the only one in europe in that category. The 200 something KM across the Island can be done in everything between 7-16 Days i believe. I read somewhere the there are records under 48 hours which, after having walked more then 120 KM of the same, i find it very hard to believe! Usually people take between 12-15 days for the 15 Stages or so.

During peak seasons there are lot of people on the trail and so walking without tent is not advisable. I heard  you can also book in advance in some places but that seems to take the fun out of walking without knowing where to end up. The most funniest thing i found is that every single one of the refugees has propers menues, beer, wind, chocolate, whatever you can imaging for sale. Its extremely funny if you watch people walk a stage (in average 5-7 hours), arrive at 13:00 PM to start to have beers until the evening.

Corsicas interior, the mountains and the forests are amazing and you could well say that Corse is one of the most beautiful places in Europe. If you havent been you should go. For all information on the GR20 i found helpful please refer to this sites:

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