Saturday, May 19, 2012

Capileira - Valle de Toril

Another variation in Poqueira Valley above Capileira is the Valle de Toril circular route. With 16 KM length and a duration of 5-6 hours the perfect option if you bring enough time and do feel like more action then the usual Cebadilla circular which will be only 7-8 KM. If you are looking for a seclude trail off the beaten track this may be for you as the Valle de Toril is on of the quietest trail you will encounter on this side of the Sierra Nevada.

Once you have reached the highest point, follow the water channel all the way to its end and return on the other side of the hill. Since you follow the water flowing downwards you are basically walking on even level the perfect walk with great view and guaranteed animal encounters as usually very few people walk here. If you are attentive and quite you could encounter wild boars, foxes and the very rare genet ( Especially in April with lots of snow left the chances are very high.

The trail is rather easy to walk. There are some heavy landslides on one side of the hill and passing while in midst of rain can be very dangerous. If you are walking during winter time bring good and waterproof shoes - everything is going to be wet. A good tip is to carry waterproof socks since having solid heavy boots can be a load to. Just remember temperatures in Spring can differ from 25 degrees in altitudes of 1000 M and 5 degrees above 2000 M. Once the sun goes and it gets foggy the mountains here can become a nightmare.


Capileira - Valle de Toril

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