Friday, June 3, 2011

Mensday 2011 - Celebrating manhood in Granada

Actually Fathersday is celebrated in only some europeas countries. I wouldn't know actually where this day is even coming from. In Germany for example men usually make a trip by foot, armed and loaded with beer. The one who falls behind first has to take care of all bills later. I dont know if this part of it or nor. The beer part - yes! 

This was my first time having something like this ... in Spain, were usually people dont go out to say "hey, its mensday, lets grab some beers and go make a round". people do that all the time here. not quite - they usually stay in town. Also the topic of the walk was manhood and obviously girls (they of course are not allowed to participate) - stuff you only tell your best friends.  

It was a nice adventure and going the round behind the Alhambra is always pure pleasure. Even more so with the right spirit and a couple of beers, manly talks and the wisdom that man cant live with girls but also can not live without girls.

Looking forward until next year

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