Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fishing Lake Beznar

On the road to Motril from Granada situated in the Valle de Lecrin you find the Embalse de Beznar, a water reservoir which is feed by the Rio Dilar i think. Its quite big and deep and used as a main drinking water reserver in the area - i was told because you are not supposed to swim and you never see boats. I guess it makes sense. So fishing is the only option i suppose. I dont know about spanish law - fact is that locals go there to fish so i dont see any problems doing the same. Also the lake is packed with fish which are mostly a form of carp which grow to something like 40-50cm max. I never had any of them bigger then that. 

There a 2 Options. Going for carp which in late summer should be the best time - or going for perch which can be found also plenty. But same applies - the size is usually rather small. In any case its a worthwhile activity when going to the mountains or the beach since the lake is situated at the entry to the Alpujarras. Its  a little difficult to access the lake so the best thing is to park near the dam and walk around (But dont fall - its quite steep at some spots ;)

The Lake in Guajar Sierra, just to mention, is of a different kind. The fish are bigger and it has quite some big trout in there. Thats for a future story to come.

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