Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rio Verde (one-way)

If you ever go during summer to the south of spain you think that hiking out in the campo is impossible due to the extensive heat. For the majority of places this could be said as true. The Valle of Rio Verde is an exception from the rule. Not only is the valley descending directly into the Mediterranean Sea but also carries all year around plenty of water. As the name Rio Verde suggests the water is really green! .. really really green due to the geological structures/rocks chalk, launa.

Back in the medieval days the river was used for transporting wood down to the settlements on the coast and they kept doing this until mid of last century leaving not many trees standing. You can still see the marks on the rocks from the centuries of transport. The pathis going all the way from the coast up over the Sierra de Guajar/Cazulas/Almijara to Granada and was used to bring sea fruits on mules to Granada in a daytrip.

Nowadays the Valle del Rio Verde is known to some people for canoying which is quite fun but also a little sad, because of damages to the delicate structure of the riverbed. There are really enough deep and big pools to jump in and the the largest one is about 5 meters deep and has at least an radius of 8 meters. The base for jumping another 10 meters up. What could you want more in summer.

If you are thinking that you can walk the valley down without getting wet - its almost impossible! You have to cross the river at least 2-3 times and there may be no bridge or whatever. The river can really swell up in spring and take everything with it.

This trip is the perfect crowded beach or city summer getaway. There a two options:

1) One-way
On this option you start from the top and walk all the way down and in the end up to the road to either hitchhike or have somebody pick you up (or with 2 cars). walking the road up again would take at least 3-4 hours. There is also a Bus coming up from Almunecar which goes twice a day. Check out the time at It should be doable as the Bus back to Granada leaves at around 5/6.

2) Round-way
There is actually only one round trip option which i tried before (without gps) and for that you will stay in the upper part of the rio verde and take a diversion in direction of the small embalse (see google map/earth). This option will carry you only half kilometer along the Rio itself though.


Rio Verde (one-way)

GPSies - Rio Verde (one-way)

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