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Pradollano - Veleta - Mulhacen - Trevelez (one-way)

Another one-way route starting from Pradollano, Granadas ski resort in the sierra nevada. This route is perfect for all of who want to see it all, who bring enough time and energy, but rely completly on public transport. 
The trail takes you all the way to Trevelez on the other side of the mountains. You will climb Spains 2nd and 3rd highest mountains, the Veleta and Mulhacen, pass the beautiful valley of the Siete Lagunas to walk all the way down to the famous Pueblo of Trevelez, in a almost 26 KM high altitude walk with more then 2.4 KM altitude difference.

Stunning views, tamed mountain goats, crystal clear water, rocks over rocks is what you will get for the 2.4 KM and soar feet!

You start from Granada bus terminal taking the bus to Pradollano. The bus leaves in summer only once a day at 9:00 AM. Tickets do not need to be order online since there is always enough space. The bus leaves on point, which in spain is worth mentioning, such as the fact that the bus will stay in the ski station until 17:00 PM - god knows what the bus driver is doing with all the free time?! He seemed to be quite "content". Once up there you cant miss the trail up to the Veleta (3396 m) since there are so many options. There are no trees on this side and that altitude so you cant loose yourself. Worth mentioning that best time to go is not the weekend. There are always a lot of people doing the Veleta or even the Capileira - Veleta - Mulhacen - Pradollano Tour via Refugio de Poquiera. One you descend from Veleta your next goal is Mulhacen at 3478 m. Dont be surprised to walk on a vehicle made dirt track when crossing over to Mulhacen. I suppose back in the days, when the Sierra Nevada was not a national part, cars used to go that way. Its not steep for its 3000 and more meters. I even saw people with bikes on Mulhacen which makes imense sense when you ride your downhill style down all the way, but not if you carry them back down again?! Also you would expect people to be a little prepared for wind, changing
wheather .. but you will believe your eyes when you see folks climbing the "difficult" side of Mulhacen in sneakers and short ... with almost no water.

Once you had enough of the incredible views its time to walk down to the Siete Lagunas named after 7 small lakes. I am only aware of 5 but it depends on the time of the year (melt water makes the other 2 come alive i suppose). The Valley of the Siete Lagunas would be your spot to rest and have your tiffin. From there it takes another 2-4 hours to Trevelez which is a beautiful walk down, from the barren rocks down to pine forests and meadows close to Trevelez. 


The way back: That is the catch! If you want to go back to Granada the same day you have to catch the last bus! In summer it should be at 17:30! That means you have to cover the 26 KM in 7 hours. That is, to be honest, quite sportive and not everyones case. But there is a good alternative, as the last bus from Orgiva leaves at 20:30 in the evening. You should be able
to catch a lift from Trevelez to Orgiva. Usually it doesnt take long. 

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DONT forget to bring something against wind/cold! Even in summer, at almost 3500m, its not gonna be like down in Granada or the coast. I consider this common sense, but some of the people you may see on Mulhacen, for some reason not :)


Pradollano - Veleta - Mulhacen - Trevelez (one-way)

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