Monday, February 27, 2012

Deepmining in Orgiva

Its 2012 and time for new adventures.

One thing i dont not encourage people to do but nevertheless wanted to share are the mines de carriles of Orgiva. I posted a trip last year (see here) which is a trip in the Sierra de Lujar around the area of the mines. Being one of the biggest and oldest mines in spain i wanted to share some photo impression from inside. the mines are supposed be a system of almost 700KM! The whole mountain is like a swiss cheese. The mines were operated more then thousand of years and in the were shut down only in the 70ties. The walk in/outside the mines is adventure pure because of all the remains, hidden entries, spectacular views and curiosities to be found around the mountain.


If you are experienced enough and have considered all appropriate security measures a stop over when going or leaving from Orgiva is worthwhile a stop.

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