Monday, February 27, 2012

Backdoor El Condor - Tabernas Almeria

While driving the A92 from Granada to Almeria/Murcia, some 20 KM before Almeria lays the Tabernas - Europe's one and only recognized desert. With a dimension of 288 square kilometers it spans all the way to the Mediterranean sea, giving parts of the nearby Cabo de Gata Nature Reserve a unique landscape no where else to be found in Europe. Being Europe's only Desert a whole lot of Films have been shot in the unique setup of the Tabernas. From Lawrence of Arabia to The good, the bad and the ugly to name just a few.

Today there a 3 wild western theme parks/towns left. You can find a real western fort, shows, zoos, saloons and what not. But ... there is also one western town which has been abandoned many years ago to decay in the reckless temperatures of the Tabernas. The oldest one "el condor" is accessible back doors when taking the exit to all the western towns and then off to "Western Leone" or "Mini Hollywood. Just half a kilometer after the entrance to "Western Leone" you can park you car and walk down into the Arroyo to find the old town. Its a 1-2 hours walk - just be careful with snakes, take enough water and remember you are not supposed to go there :)

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