Friday, March 2, 2012

Cabo de Gata - Agua Amarga to San Pedro

A must see must do day trip for everybody traveling in northern Andalucia is the Cabo de Gata Nature Reserve Park.

Not all of Cabo de Gata is under the national park and it could be well said that the part under protection is the most beautiful and unspoiled part. The nature park spans a approximate 45 KM distance walkable from Agua Amarga up to the "Torre de los Lobos" to the south of Las Negras. All of it is fairly easy to walk. A must, a must do because you will see the most beautiful beaches along the Andalusian cost line since some of them are not accesible by car.

Walking through the desert like landscape is a real treat and you will find some very interesting fauna and flora. The water around the nature park is also a marine reserve so if you are lucky you will also see normally unseen creatures in the sea. The views are stunning in every direction - inlands into Europe's one an only desert the Tabernas and its offshoots and of course the blue and endless bathtub like Mediterranean waters. Especially a treat in early morning and when the sun goes down.

This trip is a relaxing day trip with plenty of time to dip in the pool. You can walk the way until San Pedro and return the same way. There is no other way back! Or you could pitch a tent in San Pedro and walk the rest the next day. It is not that easy with public transportation - especially in off season. There is a bus from Las negras but on weekends connections are very limited if at all. The best thing is really to just walk, take a backup tent and see where the wind carries you. The path are all good and walkable and can be even walked at night. It its recommended not to walk in summer because its too hot and there is only water in a few places. As in the Sierra Nevada National Park it is also allowed to pitch a tent for a night if i doesnt look like you are going to stay there for long.

Choosing San Pedro as the destination or even staying there, can be very interesting provided you are open for alternative ways of living. San Pedro being a Hippie retreat since many many decades has a unique charm of its own. And a lot of the houses, paths, fields and gardens are being taken care of with much love and patience if you consider everything is brought by boat only. According to hearsay the people of San Pedro had their hands in the game when the natural park was founded and boundaries were set.

We are all very thankful that these place still exist on the spanish coast. Enjoy the trip.

Photos can be found here:

Cabo de Gata 1 - Agua Amarga to San Pedro

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